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The Flourishing Vine

My good gardening nerd friend has finally bitten the bullet and made her own FB page. She got bombarded with posts and messages on her personal account and figured it was time for an upgrade! While my focus is on DIY stuff including gardening, hers is definitely more gardening and recently she messaged me stating “I think I am a plant nerd” and “I may have a slight problem with plants.”

Give her a like and share on the page to keep the spirit of DIY going. The less we rely on large companies means the more power we take back. We should have a voice again and until we pull the money plug from these guys, it won’t happen.

Check out her latest Post! Or just like the page already!

As part of my homesteading and self sustainable dreams. I went to a plant swap this morning! I traded in some of my plants for the following, gloxinia, two white gingers, coffee cups ( species of elephant ear) konjalc, peace lily, angel teumpet, spider plant, fire spike, a lemon tree, okra, Thai basil, a orange tree, and a cute little house plant with a long name! Super fun! ❤️🌱 looking forward to all the adventures these bring me!

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