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Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom) awesome, yet demonized plant.

I am not going to make any claims to medical advise, advocate the consumption or usage of this plant other than for research as a botanical specimen, I will say that there are some cool things being said about this plant. I urge everyone to do their own research on the plant themselves, especially the legal status for your country/state because while it may be said to be a great benefit to natural medicine… The FDA is dragging their feet with accepting that, actually they have tried to ban it countless times already. There have been news reports about kratom related deaths… I think I have counted 12 total in the past 4 years… then I either was unable to get a copy of the toxicology report, or the report showed a wide variety of chemical substances found in the deceased, but they only focused on the speciosa. So Please, before you do anything, judge, take, share, etc… do your own research on the matter, consider the source of the research (peer reviewed sources are generally a good place to start), and form your own opinion rather than the idiot mass point of view force fed by government officials who “know whats best for everyone”. Now on to my post. These pictures are not my own, the farmer I get all my specimen from took them for me and asked me to post them.

Kratom, born in the eastern world and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb grows mainly in the jungles of Thailand/Indonesia/Southern Asia. The leaf is dried and either packaged up as a dried leaf or crushed into fine powder.

Now the articles and old herbal remedy books state the medicinal effect, even down to the different types or tree/leaf. These are noted as “strains” based on the vein color in the leaf and others make claims that different locations where the tree grows has an effect on the “herbal medicine” the plant may or may not provide.



The difference in these leaves from the same kind of tree is amazing. The alkaloids found in these (20+) different types are being studied even by pharmaceutical companies for their effectiveness. In fact, the most interesting thing I found in my research was the application for a patent on a few of the alkaloids in the leaf was dated just a few months prior to the initial attempt to ban the leaf in the US. If you are interested in my research on this, let me know and I will try and dredge up that patent again for you. Regardless of how you feel about the plant, I find it exciting that a relative to my favorite plant in the world “Coffea arabica” (where the coffee bean comes from) and has a few similar alkaloids. The plant is just a plant. It will not hurt you, only you can hurt yourself with it. I advocate the scientific exploration of this amazing specimen and hope we the people do not fall under to the whims of government and drug companies and their “nanny state” bullying and propaganda. Speak up for yourself! read up for yourself, if you question the source… try to discover who funded the article or research as that will lead you to see exactly what the agenda behind the article may impose in your life. 


Have a great day, message me here if you’re interested in obtaining samples of this specimen or visit Messaging me or commenting here is the better way at the moment as the website is still under construction (i work on it in between my 50+ hour a week job and spending time with the wife and dogs :))

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