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Alaska Grow Bucket

Homer Buckets Ventilation

The trick to this hydroponics system is be as inexpensive as possible. So I drilled holes in these $5 buckets.

Large Plastic Garbage Bin

This is your vat of water and nutrients. Connecting all of the buckets to this and each other to spread water to every bucket with plants.

Do This Several Times

Get 6 - 7 of these ventilated and add some holes in the bottom to attach some plumbing parts.

Attached Shut-Off Valve

Attached this shut-off valve because it is always good to have a way to stop the water if you need to work on it.

All Buckets Except 1 Have Tees

Connections with tees is the idea here. Add these plumbing parts to each except 1. This is where the hoses connect each bucket.

That One Bucket We Saved

The bucket we did not put a tee on the bottom of is going to have a Tee but we needed to separate it because it will have another connection as well. The single male connector piece is setup to where you want the water level to be. This bucket will house our flapper valve. (Flapper valve is just a toilet valve).

The whole idea here is to have everything connected in a loop. The garbage bin full of water hooks up to the male end of the first bucket. The flapper valve is set to the water level you want… you can either use stones or if you can find them cheap strainers (the ones for spaghetti)  to take up some space. Connect each tee in a loop to the buckets and then plant the plants above the strainers or stone. The science here is the flapper valve doesn’t allow more water than what level you set it at. Gravity will try to fill up every bucket until they are the same water height, but the flapper stops this. When the plants drink the water the water level lowers and the flapper will open letting more in.

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