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Welcome to the website of Why Not DIY? LLC. This is a site based on DIY projects and all of the DIY projects I already have done. The business itself runs as a project management, web development and construction stormwater code inspection. 

Why Not DIY, I got the idea from being frustrated about always seeing or having to rely on someone to do simple tasks. We have become a society that would rather hire someone else to do our menial tasks than doing them ourselves. Arts and crafts are simple enough, and I am not talking about rewiring the high voltage in your attic… Leave that to someone who is licensed. I am talking about either growing your own food, building your own business, following a keto diet without spending an arm and a leg or reading someone’s life story. 

Why Not DIY  also has affiliated with several other companies either as a project manager/website manager or a community leader and coder for a time tested ever-increasing cryptocurrency community. We offer tips and tricks as we do things ourselves and would always low to hear more or see more. Click here to visit our to share your DIY projects.

Projects affiliated with Why Not DIY?, LLC

Beetlecoin is pure strength.

Click Here for the beetlecoin.io website to find out more about the beetlecoin project. To join the discord and dive right in with the community click Here for the discord channel invite, read the rules and start chatting. We love to talk even if it is not about Beetlecoin. Learn what a node, masternode and our 3-tier masternode are all about. 

Lowcountry Septic System Solutions

Since 2016 Low Country Septic System Solutions has been installing and maintaining engineered sewer systems. This company started out small and is rapidly expanding across the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley county areas. They have now installed over 100 systems in the ground when the DHEC mandated the client could not use a standard tank. 

His and Her Geek store

Founded by the creator of Why Not DIY himself. This Niche store offers a dropshipping of all the nerdy stuff you could ever want. From Harry Potter to Pokemon and even some Tardis things floating around. Check them out if you are ever need to geek out a little.