We’re Back!

The DIY site is back. After my hiatus to change jobs and start dabbling more and more in the cryptocurrency world, I am back to share more DIY projects. I even am starting to have some DIY herbs, spices and botanical specimens. I also have partnered up with another DIYer who owns their own vape juice line. They are licensed and meet all FDA standards… due to the nature of both of these, even if they are legal I will only be accepting crypto currency for these sales. Fear not, I will host many tutorials on cryptocurrency… how to use, how to obtain and how to spend.

Welcome Steemit community, I have now added you guys on my blogging list and will be hopefully posting some decent blogs for you guys to enjoy too!

2 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

    1. If you want to post this and other tutorials on my site, I will be glad to accept the comments or make you a writer on the site. I love DIY tutorials and I plan on watching yours all the way to check out clickfunnels, If this was just a one time thing I’ll have to mark it as spam, but if you’re looking for another outlet to post your how to videos then you’re more than welcome!

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